California Bander & Bands

The California Bander is a simple and easy way to castrate.

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    California Bander and 25 Bands

    Kit Includes:
    California Bander
    California Bands x 25

    Common Uses:
    California bander is a simple and easy way to castrate.

    How to use California Bander:
    The bands come pre-assembled and easy to use.
    Begin by slipping the left hand in the tool. With the right hand, place the clip of the band into the slot of the tool.
    Hold the free end of the band between the 1st and 2nd fingers of the left hand. Doing so will help the clip stay steady while you stretch the band. Grasp the scrotal sac and hold the tool firmly against it. (Tip: roll up a towel to stimulate a scrotal sack. Practice a few times to get a feel for the tool and the bands).
    With your right hand, reach around the scrotal sac and grab the free end of the rubber tubing. Stretch the band a little downward and away from yourself with about 7 to 8 kgs of a pull until there is no more free stretch.
    Pull the stretched band around the scrotal sac. Lock the band into the clip by pulling the stretched down the center slot all the way to the bottom. When the clip is down, pull the band to the right corner of the “T” slot on the clip to lock. (Tip: Be sure to keep the band fully stretched as you pull it around since you can't tighten it once it is locked in the clip).
    Release the clip from the tool by slightly tipping it backward, this will leave the band with the clip attached on the scrotal sac, The rubber tube does not need to come off. If you can fit your finger in between the band and the scrotal sac you don’t have the band tight enough.

    The tool should be used under the supervision of a Veterinarian.


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