Manicure Pedicure Instruments

Manicure tools are used for the cosmetic beauty treatment for the fingernails and hands performed at home or in a nail salon.

MediTools manicure and pedicure set consists of surgical grade clippers, files, scissors, and pushers packed in a storage case. All instruments are premium quality and used by professionals around the world.


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  1. Iris Scissors Set
  2. Toe Nail Nipper 12.5
  3. Toenail Nipper Kit
  4. Toenail Nipper Kit
  5. Half Moon Shape Nail Nipper
  6. Nail Nippers concave jaws
  7. Nail Nippers Barrel Spring
  8. Nail Nippers Straight Cut
  9. Tissue Nippers, Hangnails Trimming
  10. Diamond Deb File
  11. dead skin file 20cm
  12. Nail File Set
  13. Gallipot Set
  14. Blackheads-Whiteheads Remover
  15. Baby Nail Scissors 3.5"
  16. Safety Scissors 3.5"
  17. Cuticle Scissors Straight
  18. Cuticle Scissors Curved
  19. Cuticle Scissors Set
  20. Nail Trimming Scissors Curved
  21. Nail Scissors Straight
  22. Nail Trimming Scissors Set
  23. Toenail Scissors Straight
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  24. Nail Trimming Scissors Curved
  25. Nail Scissors Curved - Titanium

25 Items

Set Descending Direction
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