Nail Nippers Double Action

Maintaining appropriate toenail care is necessary for good foot health. Toenail nippers are specialized tools that aid in trimming thick toenails safely and comfortably.

How to get rid of thick toenails?
Trimming thick toenails requires patience, time, and the right equipment. The steps in clipping thick toenails are:

Gather: gather the right equipment such as the toenail nippers, nail file, and some warm water.
Soak: soak the feet in warm water for 10-15 minutes to soften the toenails, which reduces discomfort and pain while trimming.
Trim: using the toenail clippers, trim the nails straight across. Avoid curving the edges as it leads to ingrown nails.

MediTools double-action nail nippers are used by the podiatrist, in salons, and for personal use. Rigid construction and compound action combine the power, to provide extra heavy-duty trimming and terrific leverage. Even the toughest toenails can be cut easily.

Ergonomic design and knurled handles provide better grip. Clippers have hand-sharpened blades to ensure precise cut every time without nail splitting or crumbling. Our nippers are manufactured from surgical grade stainless steel and fully autoclavable.

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