MediTools surgical scissors are used in medical, dental, and veterinary practises for precise cutting and dissection during procedures.

Types of Surgical Scissors:

Mayo Scissors: Straight or curved blades ideal for general tissue dissection and cutting sutures.
Metzenbaum Scissors: Angled blades that provide superior access and visibility in confined surgical spaces.
Iris Scissors: Delicate, sharp blades perfect for intricate procedures involving fine tissues like nerves and blood vessels.

MediTools Scissors Features:

Sharpness: Premium quality stainless steel ensures a clean cut, minimizing tissue damage.
Designs Option: MediTools scissors are available in sharp or blunt tips and in straight and curved profiles.
Ergonomic: Handles with bigger finger rings provide comfort and control during prolonged procedures.


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  1. Goldman Fox Scissors 13cm Straight
  2. Goldman Fox Scissors 13cm Straight
  3. Iris Scissors Straight
  4. LaGrange Scissors Double Curved 11.5cm TC
  5. Mathieu Needle Holder 17cm
  6. Mayo Scissors 17cm TC Straight
  7. Mayo Scissors TC Straight 14.5cm
  8. Mayo Scissors 14.5cm TC Curved
  9. Metzenbaum Scissors 14cm TC Curved
  10. Metzenbaum Scissors 14cm TC Straight
  11. Metzenbaum Scissors 18cm TC Curved
  12. Metzenbaum Scissors 18cm TC Straight
  13. Universal Scissors Set

33 Items

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