Veterinary Instruments

We've a wide range of veterinary surgical and dental instruments, procedure kits for small animals, equine dental instruments and emasculator.All tools are premium quality and manufactured from surgical grade stainless steel.

Our farrier tools are hand polished for balanced grip and hand sharpened for durability

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  1. General Surgery Kit
  2. Alm Retractor
  3. Feline Spay Pack
  4. Equine 3 Prong Molar Forceps Right
  5. Foot Rot Shears
  6. Hoof Buffer - Clinch Cutter
  7. Hoof Nail Clincher
  8. Hoof Nipper 15"
  9. Farrier Hoof Nipper 15" color coated
  10. Farrier Swiss Knife
  11. Hoof Rasp 14"
  12. Hoof Tester 19"
  13. Adjustable Hoof Tester 16"
  14. Hoof Tester Lightweight 13"
  15. Farrier Hoof Trimming Kit
  16. Calving Chains
  17. Verboczy Emasculator Triple Crush 31cm
  18. Hussmann Emasculator Curved
  19. Equine Root Tip Extracting Forceps
  20. Jumbo Marking Rings
  21. lamb and calves marking ring 2000pcs
  22. Jumbo Marking Rings
  23. Tattoo Pliers Kit Standard
  24. Veterinary Hook Handle
  25. Sheep marking Rings x 200pcs
  26. Veterinary Ear Surgery Kit
  27. Rodent Excavator 1.2mm
  28. Dog Tail Docking Kit
  29. Equine Millennium Speculum
  30. Stille-Luer Bone Rongeurs
  31. Equine Pony Millennium Speculum
  32. Hussmann Emasculator Straight
  33. Numbers Set Tattoo Pliers
  34. Tattoo Alphabet Set
  35. Witt Obstetrics Forceps
  36. Cat-Dog Nail Clipper Kit
  37. Advance Pig Castration Kit
  38. Pig Castration Kit
  39. Veterinary Obstetrics Hook Handle
  40. Pony Speculum
  41. Burgees Wolf Tooth Elevator Set
  42. Hoof Trimming Kit
  43. Hoof Scrapper 13"
  44. Osteotome Kit
  45. Newberry Castration Knife
  46. Equine Fulcrum Forceps
  47. Reynolds Cap Extracting Forceps Lower
  48. Chinchilla Cheek Dilator
  49. Rodent Cheek Dilator
  50. Rodent Crossly Incisors Luxator

Items 101-150 of 203

Set Descending Direction
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