Animal Identification

Animal identification is extremely important to ensure that all animals are cared for and receive the appropriate treatment. It also eliminates unnecessary confusion between animals. Accurate identification for verification of ownership is valuable.

MediTools has a wide range of animal identification tools like tattoo pliers for small animals, tattoo pliers for large animals, ear notcher and earmarking pliers.


20 Items

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  1. Animal Catch Pole with Lock
  2. Ear Notcher
  3. Tattoo Pliers Small Kit
  4. Tattoo Pliers Kit Standard
  5. Tattoo Alphabet Set
  6. Numbers Set Tattoo Pliers
  7. Tattoo Alphabet Set
  8. Tattoo pliers small alphabet set
  9. Tattoo Pliers Kit Standard
  10. Tattoo Pliers Kit Standard
  11. California Bander with 25 Bands
  12. Pig Striker 19mm
  13. Bainbridge Pig Strikers – NSW - WA
  14. Bainbridge Pig Strikers – VIC
  15. Bainbridge Tattooing Pliers 10mm (3/8″) Short Pin
  16. Tattooing Pliers Moulded 10mm
  17. Stone 4 division tattoo pliers
  18. Animal Tattoo Ink
  19. Tattoo Pliers Small Kit
  20. WKC 5-Digit tattoo pliers kit

20 Items

Set Descending Direction
per page