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Feline Instruments are designed for the cats, We have a wide range of oral examinationdental extraction, and prophy kits. Spay kit to remove ovaries, small animal surgery kit, and Winged Elevator Set All tools are manufactured from surgical grade stainless steel used by professionals.

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  1. Basic Exodontia Kit
  2. Basic Oral Surgery Kit
  3. Cat Nail Clipper Kit
  4. Dog Dental Extraction Kit
  5. Feline Mouth Gag Set
  6. Feline Spay Surgery Kit
  7. Feline Spay Kit
  8. Feline Spay Pack
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  9. Cat-Dog Nail Clipper Kit
  10. Small Animal Dental Extraction Kit
  11. Veterinary Paw Kit
  12. Veterinary Suture Kit
  13. Small Animals Surgery Kit

14 Items

Set Descending Direction
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