Cow/Bull Instruments

Cow and Bull instruments are designed for large animals. Our range includes Veterinary OB instruments like 

  • Calf Pullers 
  • Calving Chain and Ropes 
  • OB Forceps 
  • Polansky Vagninal Speculum 

Calf Puller is an excellent tool in calving, It provides an easy approach to difficult calving by creating a dual action zigzag motion.


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  1. Veterinary Winged Elevator Set
    Out of stock
  2. Calf Puller Calving Aid
  3. Calving Chains
  4. Calving Rope Single End
  5. Calving Strap
  6. Caming Forceps
  7. Witt Obstetrics Forceps
  8. Veterinary Obstetrics Hook Handle
  9. Calving Chains
    Out of stock
  10. Veterinary Hook Handle
  11. Witt Obstetrics Forceps
  12. Calf Snare
  13. Calving Chains
  14. Calving Chain Handle Stainless Steel
  15. Barnes Dehorner Small 32cm
  16. Barnes Dehorner Large
  17. Dehorning Wire and Handles
  18. Calving Chain Handle Stainless Steel
  19. Bull Nose Pliers
  20. Bull Show Clip with Spring Lock
  21. Bull Nose Clip
  22. Medium Ear Notcher
  23. Leader Tipping Dehorner
  24. Leader Hodge Dehorner

24 Items

Set Descending Direction
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