Equine Dental Instruments

Equine dentistry involving the study, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases. It also involves diagnosing any disorders, conditions of the oral cavity, maxillofacial area and the adjacent and associated structures in horse family (genus Equus). Equine dental tools and dental equipment are used for diagnosis and treatment. 

Equine Dental Speculum
We have a range of Equine Dental Speculums like Millennium Speculum, McPherson Speculum, Hitching Mouth Gag, Varnell, Schulze, Schoupe Mouth Gag.

Equine Dental Extracting Tools
An equine dental extraction is not easy because teeth can be up to 10cm long and very well attached to the socket. Equine dental forceps are used to extract Cap and Molars. Elevators and picks help extraction.

Dental Exam Instruments
Dental Mirrors and periodontal kit helps examination, regular examinations and maintenance are especially necessary for a healthy future.

MediTools equine dental instruments are manufactured only from surgical grade stainless steel.

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  1. Entomology Dissection Kit
  2. Equine Burgees Set Complete
  3. Burgees Wolf Tooth Elevator Set
  4. Pony Speculum
  5. Equine Alligator Forceps 30cm
  6. Equine Speculum Bite Plates
  7. Equine Speculum Bite Plates with Wide Fitting
  8. Equine Duckbill Extracting Forceps
  9. Equine Cap and Molar Extractor
  10. Equine Dental Fulcrum
  11. Equine Dental Mallet
  12. Equine Dental Picks
  13. Equine Canine Cutter
  14. Equine Molar Extracting Forceps Set
  15. Equine Dental Mirror
  16. Equine Periodontal Exam Kit
  17. Equine Root Tip Extraction Forceps
  18. Equine Root and Fragments Forceps
  19. Equine Root Tip Extracting Forceps
  20. Equine Trephine 12.7mm
  21. Equine Trephine 19mm
  22. Equine Wolf Tooth Forceps
  23. Extended Incisors and Wolf Tooth Elevator Set
  24. Equine Speculum Bite Plates with Wide Fitting
  25. Equine Molar Extracting Forceps Set
  26. Equine Four Prong Molar Forceps
  27. Equine Fulcrum Forceps
  28. Reynolds Cap Extracting Forceps Lower
  29. Reynolds Cap Extracting Forceps Upper
  30. Equine Root Fragments Forceps 19"
  31. Equine 3 Prong Forceps Left
  32. Equine 3 Prong Molar Forceps Right
  33. Hitching Mouth Gag
  34. Equine Root Tip Extracting Forceps
  35. Equine 3 Prong Molar Forceps Right
  36. Equine Molar Spreader
  37. Stille-Luer Bone Rongeurs
  38. Milk Tooth Elevator
  39. Equine Schoupe Mouth Gag
  40. Pony Speculum
  41. Equine Pony Millennium Speculum
  42. Equine Millennium Speculum
  43. Equine Molar Spreader
  44. Equine Dental Diamond S-File
  45. Equine Cheek Retractor
  46. Equine Dosage Syringe
  47. Equine Molar Cutter 25"
  48. Equine Mouth Wedge Nylon
  49. Equine Mouth Wedge
  50. Equine Paranasal Sinus Instruments Set
  51. Gunther Equine Speculum
  52. Incisors & Wolf Tooth Elevator Set
  53. Wolf Tooth Elevator Set - Incisors Elevators Set
  54. Equine Dental Mallet
  55. Hibbs Osteotome Curved
  56. Hibbs Osteotome Straight
  57. Lingual and Buccal Float Straight Head
  58. Equine Dental Float 15 Degree

58 Items

Set Descending Direction
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