Instruments Sets

A procedure pack is an assembly of instruments packed together and used in a medical procedure. At MediTools we have a wide range of Spay Kits, Ophthalmic Kits for small and large animals, Oral examination, and dental extraction kits. Veterinary Orthopaedic and Veterinary Ophthalmic Kits 

Kits have all the necessary instruments used in a procedure. All instruments surgical grade used by professionals.


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  1. Hoof Nipper with hammer portion
  2. Veterinary Advance Eye Kit
  3. Basic Exodontia Kit
  4. Sheep Ear Marking
  5. Polansky Vaginal Speculum
  6. Canine Spay Kit
  7. Cat Nail Clipper Kit
  8. Feline Mouth Gag Set
  9. Feline Spay Surgery Kit
  10. Feline Spay Kit
  11. Small Animals Surgery Kit
  12. Veterinary Ear Surgery Kit
  13. Osteotome Kit
  14. Small Animal Dental Extraction Kit
  15. Rat Dissection Kit
  16. Large Animals Eye Examination and Surgery Kit
  17. Veterinary Paw Kit

24 Items

Set Descending Direction
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