Obstetrics & Calving

Veterinary Obstetrics (calving) deals in animal pregnancy and diseases of neonates. Calving is a complex process and we have a wide range of obstetrics instruments including calf puller, obstetrics forceps, chains, and obstetrics hooks.


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  1. Veterinary Winged Elevator Set
  2. Calf Puller Calving Aid
  3. Calving Chains
  4. Calving Rope Single End
  5. Calving Strap
  6. Caming Forceps
  7. Witt Obstetrics Forceps
  8. Veterinary Obstetrics Hook Handle
  9. Calving Chains
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  10. Veterinary Hook Handle
  11. Witt Obstetrics Forceps
  12. Sheep Shears Single Bow 30cm
  13. Swine Snare
  14. Stone Revolving Head Plier Kit
  15. Calving Chains
  16. Calving Chain Handle Stainless Steel
  17. Calving Rope Double Loop

17 Items

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