Rodent Instruments

Rodents have continuously erupting teeth and must be evaluated periodically to avoid any health issues. Many Veterinarians often perform periodic clipping of the incisors. Another effective approach is to use a dental burr to trim, both cheek teeth as well as the incisors.

Rodents with the dental disease should be periodically evaluated by the veterinarian. The frequency required for professional care is based on the rabbit's oral and dental health.

We have a wide range of rodent instruments including

  • Large Rodent Kit
  • Small Rodent Kit
  • Molar Luxators
  • Cheek Dilators
  • Rasps and 
  • Mouth Gags

 All instruments are made from surgical grade stainless steel.


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  1. Gosset Retractor
  2. Rodent Cheek Dilator Small
  3. Crossley Incisors Luxator
  4. Rodent Excavator 1.2mm
  5. Medication Dispenser- Cage Waterer
  6. Osteotome Kit
  7. Chinchilla Cheek Dilator
  8. Rodent Cheek Dilator
  9. Rodent Crossly Incisors Luxator
  10. Rodent Excavator 1.0mm
  11. Crossley Molar Luxator
  12. Small Rodent Dental Kit
  13. Rodents Molar and Premolar Cutting Forceps
  14. Rodent Molar and Premolar Forceps
  15. Rodent Tongue Depressor
  16. Rodent Molar and Premolar Rasp
  17. Large Rodent Dental Kit

17 Items

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