Sheep Instruments

Sheep are common in Australia. We have a wide range of tools for marking, shearing and identification. 

Castration & Docking
Elastrator is the most appropriate tool for bloodless castration and docking. Elastrator works as an applicator to place strong marking rings.

Sheep shears are used for final trimming of wool during the grooming process. The hand shears are also used to trim the sides of the sheep until the proper shape is obtained.

Tattoo pliers and ear notchers are used for animal identification.

Sheep speculum is used for the vaginal exam and artificial insemination.

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  1. Ear Notcher
  2. Tattoo Pliers Small Kit
  3. Tattoo Pliers Kit Standard
  4. Tattoo Alphabet Set
  5. Numbers Set Tattoo Pliers
  6. Tattoo Alphabet Set
  7. Burdizzo Castration Forceps 18"
  8. Sheep Castration Ring Applicator
  9. Farrier Loop Knives Set
  10. Foot Rot Shears
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  11. Sheep Shears Single Bow 30cm
  12. Tattoo Pliers Kit Standard
  13. Sheep Rings Applicator
  14. Marking Rings x 50
  15. Marking Rings x 50
  16. Sheep marking Rings x 200pcs
  17. Sheep marking Rings x 200pcs
  18. Tattoo Pliers Kit Standard
  19. Animal Tattoo Ink
  20. Bull Nose Punch
  21. Mulesing Shears
  22. Keystone Large Convex Dehorner
  23. Tus Shears
  24. Lamb Blanket
  25. Mulesing Shears

26 Items

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