Birds Equipment

MediTools Birds Dissection kit is used for dissection birds. Kit has all necessary instruments to perform External and Internal Anatomy of a bird. All tools are made of high grade stainless steel, used by professionals.

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  1. Pigeon Birds Leg Rings 10mm
  2. Sheep Ear Marking
  3. Bird Identification Rings
  4. Bird Identification Rings 20mm 1-100 Numbered
  5. Birds Identification Rings 8mm 100Pcs
  6. Chicken Leg Tags 25mm 100Pcs
  7. Bird Identification Rings 25mm
  8. Mouth Gag for Pigs
  9. Bird Identification Rings
  10. Identification Chicken Bands 20mm
  11.  Poultry Drinker with Top Fill Lid
  12. Poultry Drinker Stainless Steel
  13. Medication Dispenser- Cage Waterer
  14. Nesting Eggs – Ceramic 2 Pack
  15. Poultry Drinker with Handle
  16. Galvanised Hanging Trough Drinker - Feeder

19 Items

Set Descending Direction
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